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Ascribing Worth - A Recollection

This collection (or 'recollection') in particular captures a snapshot of the past couple decades representing 25 years of leading worship and writing original songs. These specific songs have stuck with me capturing different eras for different congregations that I’ve had the honor to lead worship for: Joshua House, Vineyard Columbus, Central Vineyard, and Sacred Space.

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Enraptured (2001): Speak My Lord, Sweet Jesus

The Cross (2002): Magnificent Master, Lay It Down

Central Vineyard Worship (2007): Be Still, See You Shining Through

Taking Flight (2009): The Heavens Proclaim

Unleash Hope (2010): Lose My Life, Unleash Hope

Emmanuel (2012): Magnificat

The Kingdom (2013): Confession

This I Know (2017): Living Water

Son (2019): Faithful, Open Hands

Trust (2021): Come Holy Spirit, Yahweh


All songs by Michael Gallaugher, except for:
"Come Holy Spirit" by Michael Gallaugher & Matt Trueblood
“Sweet Jesus” by Michael Gallaugher & Jeff Anderson
"The Heavens Proclaim" by Michael Gallaugher & Jim Zartman
“Lose My Life” by Michael Gallaugher & David Nixon
“Unleash Hope” by Michael Gallaugher & Noelle Shearer
“Living Water” by Michael Gallaugher & Eben Brusco
“Faithful” by Michael Gallaugher, Kim Beyer, and Matt Trueblood

Thanks, love and blessings to all my friends who contributed to these recordings through performance, production, and design.

© 2001-2021 robberfly music

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