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“Ascribing Worth helps the reader to explore, ponder, dream and expand their understanding regarding what worship is, the nuts and bolts of worship leading, while stressing the importance of the spiritual well-being of the worship leader. There are questions at the end of each chapter that help the reader to further explore and ponder the material they have just read. This short poignant offering is well worth your time—it will be good for you, for those you lead on your worship team, and those in the congregation.”
– Larry Warner, Spiritual Director and Author of Journey with Jesus,
Discernment, God’s Will and Living Jesus and Journey with Grief



February 22, 2019

ASCRIBING WORTH invites the reader on a journey of discovery. Whether you’ve been leading worship for a long time or are simply interested in learning how to lead worship, ASCRIBING WORTH will provide the roadmap to help you find your way on a journey of discovery. With over 20 years of experience leading worship and training others to lead worship, Michael Gallaugher has written expositions on the what, why and how to lead worship. Study questions are also included to help readers dive deeper into the material whether they are going through it as a group or by their own. May this book help you draw closer to the heart of God and help you lead others into His presence.

Now available on amazon in paperback and kindle formats!

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